Sunday, 20 April 2014

Why and How can Whatsapp have a desktop client

Whatsapp is a very good messaging service. It can be very useful for sending images, videos, contacts and group messaging, etc. As with every app, whatsapp could also go for some improvements. But one of the most important, I feel, is a desktop client paired with multi-device sync. Hangouts, by Google, and Facebook Messenger, by Facebook already provide these services to their users. What multi-device sync means is you will get all your messages to all the devices and desktop you are signed in to with your same whatsapp number.

Whenever a user gets a notification of a message on whatsapp he has to turn to his mobile device to look read the message. That can be painful if you are sitting on your desktop/laptop and your mobile is away. This might seem like a small thing but it always diverts you from your desktop. It is more difficult to manage for the people with more than one phone. They are limited to having whatsapp with one number to one phone. So, if anything happens to the phone with whatsapp all their messages are gone.

One of the best ways to do it is, is to integrate with facebook. Not with facebook messenger but with every user's facebook id. Whatsapp can offer every user a choice, if they want to have whatsapp on desktop and other phone with the same number, they can sign in with their facebook id and then that facebook id can be linked to their number. Now once you sign in to any other whatsapp with your facebook id, it finds out the number linked with the id and verifies it and then all your contacts and messages will appear on the client. But this shouldn't mean that all the people with their facebook id or their facebook id linked with whatsapp should directly come to your whatsapp favorites. Whatsapp should still depend on phone contacts for favorites. Facebook id should only be used for the sync.

There are other ways to achieve this too. One of them is integrating with facebook messenger but I don't think that will go well with everyone. From the time whatsapp is owned by facebook we have been expecting some changes. And this could be a great one for both whatsapp and facebook.

If you have any other way to do it, mention in comments and let everyone know. This has been it for now, wait for next one.

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